Initial clearance not provided to FSHDU

Hi, it seems FsHUD isn’t able to read the SID initial clearance. According to fsHUD support, that’s because this information, which is readable on charts, is not published in navdatas.

Could you please include this information in the navadatas ?

Thanks for your help

an example would be great … thank you!


Thanks for your quick reply !
Here’s an example :

Airport : LFRS
The initial clearance is written on the SID chart : 5000ft
But this information - according to FsHud staff - isn’t available in the navdata

Thank you!

Yep, right because that´s not part of the terminal procedure - it´s “only” a information for the pilots. Not all information which you find on the charts can be coded and are parts of the data. In this case, the coding is, according the charts, correct so far but the information of the initial climb clearance can´t be coded somewhere because there is no information for the data coming from the AIP.

Hope that helps,