Increasing "resolution" of Zoom Increments?


Currently when we’re looking at the en route depiction of our plan on the Navigraph map interface, it allows us to zoom in and out with either the depicted + and - buttons, or using the scroll wheel. I find quite often that every increment I zoom in or out is too coarse. As and example, let’s say I have the entire route on my screen, but there are several inches on either side of the route with extra space. That’s OK, I can just zoom in to fill the rest of the screen nicely yet still see the entire route. However, if I try to zoom in one click to make the route fill up the screen, the ends end up getting chopped off from view because each roll of the mouse wheel zooms in or out by a substantial amount.

I also find this issue to be true also on the actual approach plates themselves. Sometimes I want to frame the procedure chart in such a way that I’m zoomed in but yet still see just enough of the information I need. However the current ability to zoom is once again too coarse, leaving me feel like I’m over zooming or not enough.

Thank for your consideration.

Hi Ron,

As I mentioned we are developing a new Charts version with a new User Interface. Your suggestion will be considered as part of the development.