Incorrect navdata (CIFP) info for the antenna. KSFO - Xplane12


I encountered this antenna while landing on rwy 28L KSFO in xplane 12. I was told to report this here since the scenery dev can’t do anything about it.

Best wishes

we use these coordinates for 28L (directly from the XP12 earth_nav.dat file):

ILS antenna: 37.627075000, -122.39497777
GS antenna: 37.614244444, -122.362000000
DME antenna: 37.627650000, -122.394850000

When you enter these coordinates ie. into Google Maps, you will see that all antenna positions are correct.

So, I´m unsure from where these antenna is, but it looks not from us. Also, I have tried to find the antenna with the stock scenery in XP12, but negative … the antenna´s are all on the correct position.

You can try it by yourself, disable/remove your 3rd party scenery for KSFO and look … no antenna on the runway. Possible that the runway-coordinates are wrong in this scenery, I don´t know but this doesn´t happen with the stock scenery, sorry.


Thank you for the quick response! Hm that’s weird, i removed all 3rd party scenery and still have the antenna on the rwy28L… Any Idea what more i could try?

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