Improvements of new weather features

Hi Navigraph team,

First of all, I really love the new features you introduced into Charts 8! However, as a real life pilot, I can say that some things do not seem to look right on the new weather features.

First of all, the wind visualisation feature is really great but the wind barbs are pointing in the wrong direction. They point towards where the wind is coming from. METARs usually show the wind for instance as 230 @ 20, which means wind coming from 230 deg with 20kts, however the wind barb point towards 230deg, not from… This is very confusing

The Flight category icon doesn’t seem to always work either. I have shown an example where the category should be MVFR (ie MV or blue) with overcast at 1400ft and the icon is green

Visibility shows strange behaviour also, I have an example here where an airport shows “4” of visibility (which I assume means 4000m), but the visibility is 8000m…