ILS 14 ITN (Tindal YPTN) not working

Apologies if this is the wrong sub for this. I’m running Xplane 11 with a Navdata subscription and have updated to the current AIRAC 2107. Nothing happens when I tune in the frequency 110.7 for the ILS/DME i.e Flags remain red on the HSI. The Jepps approach charts requires distance reference from ITN but that point doesn’t appear on the Garmin 530 or the NAVIGRAPH low enroute chart. Any advice?

thanks for the report and you don’t need to appologize you. We would move it with into the correct category.

I have tested it and confirm the same. Strange because the frequency exists in the data. Will tey to find out why this happened. Possible there is somewhere a glitch in the XP scenery, I don’t know - I have no clue at the moment, why the frequency will not be recognized.

I let this topic open, till I have found an answer. Please give me a little bit of time. Thanks for your patience


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