If network connection lost, SimLink stutters and crashes sim

As mentioned in topic: If there occurs random internet connection lost, SimLink disconnection starts to make serious lag and stutter to simulator and if no network connection back fast enough, it crashes whole simulator CTD. Using Xplane 11.55 and Windows 11.



Next time this occurs,

Please try connecting to https://charts.navigraph.com .
Also please upload dlogs and dlogs from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs.


Log.txt (161.3 KB)
X-Plane 11_20220815082943_log.txt (94 Bytes)

Happened with latest flight this morning, XP11 and SimLink logs attached. Internet connection was cut for approx 30secs, Navigraph Charts didn’t disconnect but SimLink lost connection and symptoms mentioned earlier started immediately.

One time while ago also lost internet connection and SimLink disconnected, stutter and lag started in simulator immediately. But internet came back online very fast and managed to reconnect SimLink, all symptoms went away and simulator kept running fine. So definitely something with SimLink.
simlink_2022-08-15.dlog (733.1 KB)