How can I access the raw data?

Long-time subscriber here… I am building a new FMS system based on the Universal UNS-1 platform.

Is there a way I can download or access the raw table data? Can you tell us what database engine it’s in or what would be the easiest way to spin up the data locally to be used in a C-Sharp app?

Thanks for any info you can provide.
(PS: If you ever need a Data Engineer, shoot me an email! :slight_smile: )

Hello Ray! Welcome to the forum.

While this forum is dedicated to customer support and not developer support, I will give you some guidance anyways.

For a sample dataset and a document outlining its structure, please visit Sample Data | Navigraph Developer Portal. If you want to go further, perhaps with a different (custom) database format, please reach out to us at More details are available on the developer website.

Kind Regards,

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