Getting Navdata cycle info from within MSFS

Is there any way for a GPS Programmer, to get the data for the boot screen to be able to get the currently installed Navidata Cycle info, so it can display it. ?

When I look in my Community Folder, I seem to have the current DATA, but the Manifest file still seems to be referring back to a much earlier version.

“dependencies”: ,
“content_type”: “SCENERY”,
“title”: “AIRAC Cycle 2101 rev.2”,
“manufacturer”: “Jeppesen”,
“creator”: “Navigraph”,
“package_version”: “997.1.21”,
“minimum_game_version”: “1.12.13”,
“release_notes”: {
“neutral”: {
“LastUpdate”: “”,
“OlderHistory”: “”

My BAD, it was not updating in MSFS becasue of my miss-use of MSFS Addon Linker.

Fixed now

“title”: “AIRAC Cycle 2105 rev.4”, :smiley:

so, with the correct data now in Community, is there a way to"Automatically" get the Data onto a GPS ?
screen ?

thats more a question to the developer of the addons - we offer these data (not only in the manifest file), so it´s normally no problem to read-out these data and to display it somewhere in the addon. But we offer only the data …


Thanks, let me get back with the developer.
If needed, would you consider adding the Expiry date in the Manifest , or suggest some other way to be able to check if the Data has expired.