FS9, Wilco777, FMC Runways not showing as an option to choose for Departures

One question is, the new AIRAC cycle show correctly in my FMC CDU screen ok.

But when I enter say New York (KJFK airport then try choosing runway 31L or 31R for Departing its not there listed as an option. It only showing 1/1 pages so there isn’t another page. Only runways showing for KJFK are RW04L, RW04R, RW13L, RW13R & RW22L) that’s it- No runway 31L or 31R for departures.

Strange thing is on my FMC if I try seeing what runways are available at KJFK for Arrivals I’m seeing all runways including 31L, 31R. But I noticed its also missing IAPs- they show the runways but do not list ILS or RNAV approaches.

Anyone have a clue whats going on or how to fix/remedy this issue? or experienced this themselves?

I have active subscription with Navigraph, downloaded latest AIRAC cycle, showing update in my FMC as lastest cycle. Any ideas would be helpful



The closest I have to test is the FS9 feelThere/Wilco 737-300 AIRAC 2204 which uses the same database as the 777.
I see two pages of KJFK DEPARTURES:

For 8 pages of KJFK ARRIVALS:

These are as expected, so I dont think this is a Navdata issue, more likely an installation issue.
I suggest you uninstall/reinstall the feelThere/Wilco 737-777.


Thanks, yeah, turned out my other planes FMC do show KJFK runways, its the WILCO 777 FMC that doesn’t so its not Navigraph issues after all

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