Font used in Dispatch Options page is too large for display space

Is there any way to reduce the Font size used in The main planning “Dispatch Options” page? It#s a bit frustrating when only the first three characters of the airport ICAO codes are displayed – see image below. It isn’t corrected by changing the font scale in Windows Setting – the boxes for the fields shrink along with a reduced fornt scale.

Hi Pete,

Looks like this is caused by Chrome’s “Font size” option. The website doesn’t play well with anything other than “Medium”:

For now I’m afraid the only way to prevent this is to set the the font size to Medium. I’ll look into whether this can be handled better in a future website redesign perhaps.

Best regards,

Aha! I’d forgotten about the Chrome option. Yes, that works! Thanks.

It seems odd, though, that the “Dispatch Output” display was okay with the same non-medium font set (see pic below).

Anyway, it’s fine now, Thank you.


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