FMS data manager can't login error 99

Im trying to update LNM to the latest airac and could never get past 2202 rev 1 although Navigraph Data Center is showing airac 2202 rev 3. I change the location from Europe to America and since then I can’t lkgin to the FMS data manager. I get an error thaf says I need to have an active internet connection.upon retrying I get an error 99. I’ve deleed most of my device logins too but this does not help.

Can you please advise?

Kind regards,



Rev numbers are specific to the addon.

2202 Rev 3 only applies to MSFS and is accessed through the Navigraph Data Center.

In FMS Data Manager the correct and latest rev for LNM is 2202 Rev 1.

Restart your machine. Are you able to login to FMS Data Manager now?


Hi Ian,
Thank you very much for your reply. After a full re-install w/ registry clean-up I can login again. Thanks for clarifying the revision numbers.
Kind regards,


Hi R,

You are welcome.

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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