Fix misnamed

Just to report that Fix IDNER does not agree with the FS2002 World Map

Fix is on Airway H66 adjacent to YCAS (Australia) and named GAMBL in the Sim

Position South East


FS 2002 has a database which now 20 years old, I believe. Mismatches with current data would be highly expected. We don’t provide core database updates for FS2002, FS9 or FSX - only X-Plane and MSFS. But we do provide database updates for addon aircraft who have support for Navigraph. Not sure if there are such aircraft for FS2002 however.

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Hello Stephen

Thanks for the response. If the FS2002 database is that old mismatches are indeed bound to occur. I trust you don’t mind me mentioning this issue.

For what its worth I personally am getting used to Desktop 8 and wouldn’t be without it now.

The only facility I would now like is for my personal flight listing to be arranged alphabetically by the originating airport.

Any news on that ?


David Ireland


Sorting and filtering of flights is coming in one of the next updates.

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Thanks…I look forward to it !