File location is not removed after last microsoft update in downloader

After the last microsoft update the locations of the files to be saved are removed from the configuration and cannot be restored!

Hi Bert,


Please be more specific about what locations are removed and cannot be restored. Maybe you are referring to the following?

Pleased provide screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots


Hello Ian

Thanks fort response found the following its not the Microsoft update that was done Yesterday on my computer

It is the location to fly too that created the problem! EHRD-to LTAC Military field near Ankara (Turkey ) this route will be created in the fs2020 itself) no problem.

However in Simbrief the program starts to calculate the route and comes back with a straight line then this causes the downloader to remove the file locations

I this what the red Line warns for ? for me it was the indication thet the file location was empety and on none selected.

In as well save and close was not functioning

All came back after changed from EHRD-LTAC (Ankara international) however there is no other indication something goes wrong! Except for the

Message no locations to store ! is it a bug ? it took me some time to find out

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Bert Storm

Hi, thanks for the update.

It’s not a bug, basically if there are no waypoints in the route (i.e. it is a straight line) the files won’t be available. It makes sense since without any waypoints there is nothing to put into those files anyways.

The route finder failing to return a route in some cases is a known issue and probably won’t be fixed any time soon. A full redesign of this feature is needed down the road.

For now, if fails to give a route in the future, you can use some of the other routing tools to find or generate one. For example, GRD, EDI-GLA,, or RouteFinder.

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