FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization

Sometimes, it is necessary to re-organize your scenery-file because you don´t see some navdata which include in other installed sceneries, you see double runways, …

Therefore, please follow exact these steps - to solve such issues:

  • close the sim
  • IMPORTANT!! open our “Navigraph Navdata Installer” and remove the installed AIRAC cycle
  • make sure, that you have installed the latest “Navigraph Navdata Installer”, when not uninstall the Installer (via the normal Windows10 functionality “Add or remove programs”) and install the newest one - you can download the newest installer from here
  • delete the content.xml file - depending on your installation (Steam or Marketplace) you find here the corresponding folder, where this file is located
  • start the sim
  • close the sim again
  • start our “Navigraph Navdata client” and install the AIRAC cycle again
  • start the sim and enjoy your flights

Happy flying … :wink:

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