ENCN has no STAR

with Navigraph 1.0 beta 23 and Cycle 2102 rev3, FMS of A320 Neo don’t show any STAR for ENCN. In my flight, I would like TIPS2L.

Hi Jean-Luc,
I have tested your report but I can´t really reproduce it.

Here a screenshot from the WorldMap

You see, TIP2L is included.

… and here directly from the default A320 FMS:

Are you really sure, that you have installed the current cycle correctly?

Hi Richard,
You are right, I retry a flight without select route on world map but in this second try all works fine :pleading_face:

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I like such solutions :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No problem Jean-Luc, let us know, if you have still an issue please …
Have a nice sunday,

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