EKCH ILS 12 with prosim737 and flytampa EKCH

Approaching EKCH ILS 12 the PAPI is perfect (I have flytampa EKCH) but the GS pointer is completely off, somewhere much further along, so if you follow the PAPI all is ok, but the GS pointer remains far above you.

not clear which sim you´re using but I have checked our data at least and it seems to be correct - so I guess, this is more a scenery issue. What when you remove the addon scenery and to fly into EKCH with the stock scenery?

Also, I can remember, that when you install a 3rd party scenery, you must run a kind of “importer/merger” tool in ProSim that ProSim recognize this new scenery. Possible that you have forgotten this. For more information, I must re-direct to ProSim because I haven´t enough knowledge about this and again, I don´t know which sim you´re using.

But what I can say to 100% - the navigational data are correct so far. Means the position of the localizer-antenna and the glideslope-antenna is correct according the AIP.


Hi Richard, many thanks. I’m speaking with Hervé Lors (navaid guy), he says that the navigraph navdata has no effect on the in-cockpit GS pointer, here is his comment. I did run the prosim database update. Thanks for the quick reply and you can close this, have a great weekend!

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