Downloader does not recognize my mapped drives

I have the Downloader running on a different PC from the Simulator PC.
When I try to populate the flight plan directory (e.g. PMDG B737-800) by pressing the Blue Button, a Select Folder window pops up. However this window does NOT show any Network Items or mapped drives. I can however access all mapped drives with Windows Explorer.
I am running WIN11 on both machines and it was working in WIN10.
Can anyone shed some light on this
Thanks for help


I’m not sure. On my PC (also Windows 11), when I click the blue folder button, I can see my network folders at the bottom of the folder tree on the left. I’ve often found that Windows’ network folders can be inconsistent in general though.

One thing you can try is to browse to the export folder you want to use in Windows Explorer, then copy the path, then paste it into the Downloader (instead of clicking the blue folder and browsing to it).

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Thanks for reply. I copied and pasted the path and that worked.
Happy New Year

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