Data Manager automatic backup removal not working

In the old forum I reported a problem that automatic cleanup of backups was not working. If you check that option it’s supposed to keep only the last five backups but nothing ever gets deleted. With a lot of addons and monthly updates the disk space used for these redundant backups becomes large. Currently the only way to remove backups in the Data Manager is manually, one at a time, which is a slow and repetitive process.

Firstly is this on the list of things to be fixed?

Secondly can you please allow the user to select how many backups they want to keep? Five is four too many for my preference but others may want to keep more. I can’t see why anyone would want or need five cycles to be backed up though.



Hi Kevin,

Welcome to our new forum.

Make sure you have the latest v FMS Data Manager

Your prior requests have been noted and will be taken into account for the next FMS Data Manager version.


Thanks for confirming that Ian. I have the latest version installed but backups never clean up as they are supposed to.


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