Custom Instalation path!


Firstly. I really like the order on my disks.
Secondly, programs from Navigraph bring chaos during installation. =)

After update - i cant install Charts with custom path anymore! How i can do that?
It’s always installing to user profile

Hi mixMugz,

Navigraph Charts for Desktop is an Electron application, and just like other Electron applications like Discord and Slack, it installs into %localappdata%. It needs to sit there to be able to update itself when we release new versions, which we frequently do.

Kind regards,


Yes yes. I understand. But it’s any way to install to custom path?

Safest way is probably to run it from the usual place, and link it ( symlink should work ) into Appdata. I absolutely despise anything that installs into appdata ( quite apart from it being a user profile - and I have a roaming profile - and not an application repository, what happens if you want to use it from another user account? ), I’m working on finding alternatives to the few I have left - I didn’t appreciate this one deciding to join them.

There does appear to be a way of building Electron applications that don’t install into appdata anyway.