CTD in MSFS when approaching ELP VOR, consistently reproducible

So yesterday I had my very first CTD ever in MSFS2020, in midflight, out of the blue. I thought it maybe was a fluke, so I repeated the exact same flight, and it crashed at the exact same location again (its just before reaching the ELP VOR). To troubleshoot I removed everything out of the Community folder (except for the WT CJ4 mod), repeated the same flight, and everything was ok (and just for kicks a second time, again no issues). Finally I only moved back the Navigraph data folder, and sure enough, I got the same crash at the same location again.

Here’s the Simbrief flight plan that I imported into the WT CJ4, hopefully you guys can figure out what’s wrong (I’m using the latest cycle):




Update: doesn’t seem to be limited to ELP… Just did a shorter flight from KSAD to KSVC (same area though), and MSFS crashed on the final to RW08 at KSVC

Is it possible to roll back to a prior Navigraph cycle in MSFS?


Hi Dirk,
thanks for this report and the details.

First, no its not possible to revert back to an older cycle/revision. I have compare the files in this area betweenl AIRAC 2014 with 2101 and they are identical. So it also wouldn’t be make sense - or do you mean a special cycle?

Second, I haven’t tested it at the moment but as I have understand you, that the same flightplan which you are created in SimBrief is working (no CTD) with the stock data and the CJ4 mod?

A few things:
Have you flown this with a default aircraft also?
Please contirm, you are using the latest Navigraph Installer beta 23?
Please confirm, you are the latest Cycle 2101 rev 3?
I read you move the navdata folder … you shouldn’t do that because we disable the stock data in the client and when you move the files manually, it can result in an unknown state. So please use EVERYTIME installer (remove and install the dataset).

Last, due the not clear system situation, I woukd recommand these steps here.


Hi Richard,

thanks for the quick response!

Yep that’s correct, though as you pointed out I might not have ‘correctly’ reverted back to stock data, will do this tomorrow, and also get the answers to your other questions…



Hi Richard,

The pinned post for the beta installer points to beta 19 (Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Client), and that’s what I’ve been using, since I didn’t see anything newer. Where do I get beta 23? Also might be good to update the pinned post if there is a newer version available…


Never mind, looks like this download actually is beta 23, so I had that installed.
Still would be a good idea to update the pinned post with the current version information.



all good. I correctly uninstalled the Navigraph data and tested with the stock CJ4 (painful! :wink: ) , didn’t see the issue. Then I reinstalled Navigraph (this time rev 3), and everything still good. Finally retested with WT CJ4, and no problems any more either.

Maybe previously I was on rev 1 or 2 and this made the difference, dunno.
In any case, thanks for making me going through all those steps, happy the issue is gone :slight_smile:


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