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Hi to all.
I can not copy and past the route from SIMBRIEF to PFPX with AIRAC 2210.
I have reinstall 2210 and install 2207 and it works fein.
What is it can you help me.
Reinhold Tholen

Hi Reinhold,
what do you mean with you “can´t copy & paste the route from Simbrief to PFPX”? Can you explain it a bit more, possible with screenshot(s) that we see what you mean?

Do you copy the route-string from Simbrief somewhere in PFPX or what do you mean?


Hi Richard!

i have to day the PFPX uninstall and downloaded and installed the latest AIRAC 2210.
The problem is solved and everything works fine.
Thanks for the answer.
Reinhold Tholen

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