Charts not aligned correctly

I hope there is some explanation why airplane isnot aligned correctly in the charts during a flight. Generated route via Simbrief always with latest AIRAC, imported to A320 without problem. During a flight its always offset from the route it should be aligned to. Take a look at the screenshot. In the 320 flight display its aligned, but on Navigraph its off the course it should be flying. Any help appreciated.

I have had this issue as well, I think it could be a limitation with the actual sim. It’s not like that with all aircraft I have noticed.

This is still a problem even after the latest update. Its so annoying to not use Navigraph as it supposed to do :frowning: !


This is likely caused by the aircraft flying a different route to that being displayed. As you indicated in your deleted message this can be because MSFS or the addon has altered the flight from the route being displayed. Please compare the exact flight plan being flown from the MCDU to the displayed plan.