Charts exits after initial startup (Solved)

Charts starts up then stops. After restart it stops again. Third restart it finally comes up and works properly. I have been using multiple restarts as a workaround. I recently upgraded from Win10 to Win11 and the was no change in behavior. I just uninstalled with Win11 Apps Settings.
I downloaded and installed Charts Version 8.30.0 and it still it exits and has to be restarted before loading and running properly.

To fix the problem I removed the Charts icon from the task bar. I then created another shortcut to the “Navigraph Charts.exe” file. I then right clicked on the shortcut, selected “show more options” and then selected “pin to taskbar”. No more restarts needed!

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That is a very unexpected solution, but if it is a solution then we’re happy!

Thanks for posting this, and thanks for updating the thread with your solution!

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