Changelog of Updates Each Cycle


After the update following each airac cycle, is there some type of changelog available?

As presently have no idea as to what has been added, changed etc with each new airac cylce.

Also I see it has been mentioned previously, regarding the addition of new airports, as an example ZBOW has Jeppesen charts that I’ve downloaded, it hasn’t been added as yet to Navigraph.

zbow_app.pdf (2.0 MB)



No we are not providing a general changelog of all changes in a cycle, that would not be feasible. Our service always provides the latest data provided by Jeppesen. Why ZBOW is not added I am not sure, but likely it is no longer in the route network of any of Jepp’s real world airline customers. The charts you attached are from 2016, so apparently ZBOW has been removed in recent years. There isn’t much we can do, unfortunately.