Can't loggin in MSFS after installed Navdata Center & Charts

Hi there,
I just a problem with MSFS , after I installed Navdata Center & Charts ,
and I was updated PMDG , MFFS data , but here is a problem show up,
when i started MSFS i can’t connect with server , that mean i can’t go to marketplace to order anything,
and also can’t using real-time & weather.

I was tired to remove all navigraph software but this still not working at all,
anyone have kind of this problem? now I’m going to remove ALL MSFS to try to fix this problem…
any help please :frowning:

it’s show me “currently unavailable” for MSFS


This has nothing to do with Navigraph. It must just be a coincidence it started happening after installing Navigraph. We are not doing anything that would block your Internet access.

Maybe restarting your computer, firewall, antivirus and broadband router would be worth a try.