Cannot Access Manual Data Downloads

I cam trying to download the manual FMS data, but there are no addons listed in the dropdown section for me download the respective FMS data

Can you please assist

Thank you

Hello Pieter! Welcome to the new forum.

Just to confirm, the section/dropdown pictured below is not visible to you?


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The dropdown list is enpty

There is no addon list to select to download the fms data manually

The heading “fms data manual installation” is there but no addon list below it

Does the issue persist even if you use another browser? I am not able to reproduce the issue myself.


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If you already found a solution, then that’s great! Please mention it here in case other users have the same issue. If not, please read below.

According to previous reports, the loading of the above-mentioned list can sometimes take longer than expected. Please be patient and let it try to load first.

If the issue persists in all browsers and despite waiting up to 1 minute, then something is definitively wrong and needs to be fixed. In order for us to pinpoint the issue, we’d need some more information which you can gather using the browser console. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the page with the issue (FMS Data page)
  2. Open the developer console (Shift+Ctrl+J on Chrome)
  3. Wait one minute to make sure that the issue persists
  4. If the console shows anything out of the ordinary, take a print screen and attach it to your next post

Thank you for your cooperation!


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