Can I use air AC backup on 1 pc on another pc running my pmdg

Help can’t get to prior air AC on pc I moved pmdg to

I moved pmdg to another pc
On original pc I see my backups of 2108
Copied all directories tones pc
It does not see backups that I took onorigpc


Trying not to buy current ver

I copied the navdata folder in PMDG 777 and the FMC shows it is using 2108 Yeah!

I will try to power off and reboot new PC to see if a new scan will detect running 2108, so far no but will keep trying

at least I know PMDG is using my 2108 by copying that navdata folder direclty to pmdg



Glad you were able to copy over PMDG data. Installing FMS Data Manager afresh on new machine needs files from old install to recognise 2108 update. I suggest waiting till you install a new AIRAC and all will then be up to date.


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