Beta 24 removed Data Manager - How to update LNM?

Hi @NAVData Richard,

What is the procedure now please to ensure Little Nav Map is using the latest release? SInce Beta 24, I believe the Data Manager was either uninstalled or deleted, so I no longer have the ability to point to LNM and update it with the latest AIRAC? Is it now a matter of going into the LNM application and updating the scenery by pointing at the sim library, or is it something else? Thanks!

no, the beta shouldn´t remove anything - or?! :flushed: … when yes, it´s a bug because the FMS Data Manager should be still in place for all other sims/addons excluding the MSFS. But you don´t need the FMS Data Manager when you only want to update the LNM database - you can do this via the manual-installer from the webpage also.

But back to your question:
You can update the data via the sim-library update also, but the sim BGLs are very basic and doesn´t include all information what we have in our database (respectively in the LNM database). Also, there are a lot of limitations (ie. the airways) which makes real flightplanning nearly impossible, when you only use the sim data. There are a few more missing data (large blocks and small ones) in the sim, which are included in the full LNM dataset from us.

Last, when you only use the MSFS stock data as a reference for LNM, you loose on quality and completeness and that´s one of the important points in my eyes.

Therefore, it makes still sense to install the LNM dataset side-by-side to the sim library updates. You can switch on/off every time but it´s up to you, if you want to use only the sim data or you want to use the LNM navdata. It’s a matter of requirement - do you want to fly “real as it gets” or isn´t it so important for you, when you miss something.

Hope that helps

PS: to the beta again - it’s good, when you install the beta NOT in the same folder as the FMS Data Manager - possible that is the reason the the FDM ws installed

Ok thanks. I will check again and force a reinstall if I can. Will update this thread!

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Yep @NAVData Richard, looks like when I uninstalled the previous Beta to 24 it somehow uninstalled FMS manager too. Weird. I believe we’re on 25 now? I will monitor once more as I just got Data Manager to update LNM.

We are on beta 26 :grin:

You can download it directly from the release notes:


I noted the hotfix did not change the 26 number? :sunglasses: So I was confused when I checked installed version and it said I was already on 26. Anyway, I yanked it out and installed latest version. Somewhere along the way moving from 24 to pre-hotfix 26, Data Manager definitely got uninstalled, so I reinstated it and updated LNM. Details, details.

the new “Navigraph Navdata Center” has nothing todo with the old FDM and when this is really happened, than we would receive much, much, much more reports but we have only two - one because he had installed it in the same FDM directory and you. So, I´m pretty sure that all of this has any other reason but anyway, fine when you have solved this issue :wink:


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