Approach into Valley EGOV

Just flown Manchester to Valley EGOV, flying TBM and using the G3000 mod.
I know routes actually flown not always shown on MFD correctly but this was odd. The start for TACAN Rwy 19 is the ALPHA way point (ALPHA transition). The route to this waypoint displayed correctly but we flew to a point about 8 miles south. Then did turn to the ALPHA waypoint and then flew the arc to the Final approach!
Just wondering if the ALPHA co-ordinates are incorrect.

Hi Richard,
yes, the ALPHA coordinates (53.0635, -4.77866667) are correct so far - the issue here seems the next leg, which is a “course to an intercept” the AF leg. This course it 39° degrees, which comes from holding …

So, we have following sequence in the MSFS data:

  1. initial fix ALPHA
  2. course 39° to intercept 12 nm VYL arc (= this point can be calculate 39°+180° = radial 219 / 12 nm from VYL)
  3. fly the VYL DME ARC (right turn, rho 12 nm, theta 15° = fix D015L … 015° and L = 12th letter of the alphabet)
  4. course 195° to fix CT19
  5. follow the final approach

This sequence is exactly what we have in the our database and what we have in the MSFS data. I guess, this sequence not be calculated right in your case but we have no influence on that. We can only offer these data, how the sim and/or the addon uses it, this is not what we have under control.

Again, I don´t see any data issue here - my assumption is more a data interpretation reason and/or a calculation reason for this.


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