Annoying alert positioning on mobile apps

I would love to see a minor usability enhancement on the mobile app (or at least the iPad version, not sure about others). Currently, when if you switch to a chart that is not currently in the area where your aircraft currently is, you get a message pop up with a Moving Maps message that says “Aircraft is outside the chart bounds.” Similarly, if you click on a chart such as Parking Gates, you get a Moving Maps message that says “This chart does not support moving maps.”

Both of these (and probably other) alert messages are positioned on the bottom of the screen and covers the list of pined charts. This is a small thing, but I find it quite frustrating if I’m on approach for example and want to quickly switch over to the airport diagram to see the runway arrangement or figure out where I want to exit the runway. For this reason, I mostly use Navigraph on my computer, but I’d much rather use it on my iPad to free up the screen space.

I’d greatly appreciate it if alert messages could be moved to another area (possibly just above the pinned charts row and maybe semi-transparent and much smaller) and/or add a toggle to disable these as I don’t think they are particularly needed.

If I recall correctly there is a toggle in Settings to disable the alerts. Could you check?



You are correct – no idea how I managed to miss that. Thanks for the help!

I still recommend changing the positioning for users who have these alerts enabled, but disabling the alerts will definitely suffice for me.

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