Airport Qualification on Mac

I downloaded the current version of the Maps app for Mac just now, after updating all my X-Plane data to cycle 2101. I don’t appear to see the “REF” tab to find the new Airport Familiarization and Qualification function, and I’m sure it’s just something I am doing wrong. I’m running Catalina 11.01 on an iMac, using X-Plane 11.51 and have an Ultimate subscription with NaviGraph. Thanks for any help, and keep up the great work… Bruce.

Hi Bruce,

Installation of FMS Data is quite separate and has no bearing on Charts.

On Big Sur, I just downloaded and installed Charts+Simlink from website and other than permitting install under Setting/Security I had no problems seeing Ref tab and Airport Familiarization and Qualification Chart:

Please try an uninstall/redownload/reinstall of Charts/Simlink. If an issue please screenshots showing errors/unexplained behaviour using Guide to posting Screenshots


Hi Ian, Thanks again for the support. I did re-download the Charts app and am now sorted. Two things I was doing incorrectly- you mentioned the Gatekeeper action on Big Sur, which I didn’t see, and I discovered I had moved the app after downloading it yesterday to the location on my Mac where I quarantine such files that trigger GateKeeper- then got distracted by my “better half” and was therefore working with the old app. Secondly, I was looking in the wrong place on the app for the REF tab. Thanks again, Bruce.