This is a first world kind of problem, not the biggest deal in the world, but my dropdowns for airline, flight number, recent departure and arrivals etc are no longer populating like they used to (started happening after I began A Pilot’s Life with their SimBrief Dispatch, which pre populates their flights and flightplans into SimBrief when it opens. When I visit Simbrief for non APL flights, I no longer have the list of drop downs. Any idea why or how to fix? Thx

To be honest I’m not sure, the autofill feature you’re talking about is done automatically by the browser. It isn’t controlled by SimBrief.

Mine is working in Chrome and Edge, but I could not get it to show up in Firefox. There may be a browser setting at play, or maybe it has to do with the privacy/history settings since I know Firefox is a bit more strict about that.

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Thanks, then that explains it as I used Firefox.

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