Airac ifly fs9 2104 // lgav atv2e (sid)


When I departed from 03R LGAV (SID) ATV2E, after initial climb a RT is expected to ATV VOR on charts but the IFLY FS9 AIRAC showing something strange and a LT turn is done following this SID.
Using IFLY revision.

Could that be updated in a next revision please ?

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Charles Bellot

Hi Charles,
I have just checked the iFly procedure and there is a RT indicator set - so I assume, this is more a iFly limitation:

Here the corresponding line directly from the iFly LGAV file - you see a R000 - R means right turn, the 000 would be used as course, when available but in this case it´s a RT direct ATV, so no course available, but the turn directive is included as you see:


Thanks Richard for your answer.

Have a good day.

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