AIRAC 2102 for IFLY NG737 "data base invalid" message on FMC

Hi, I installed AIRAC 2102 for Ifly NG737 for FSX and my FMC shows the message “data base unvalid”.
I tried with data manager and manual install but nothing change.
In my Ifly ->navdata folder the AIRAC 2102 cycle is present but i can’t find the data in FMC.
Never had this issue with previos cycles.

An update…I restored the cycle 2101 and everything is ok with it, no error message on FMC.
So I think the issue is in the 2102 AIRAC cycle for Ifly 737NG.

Ciao Francesco,
I can confirm it - please standby, we try to fix this asap … it happens in some other addons also. Thanks for the valueable hint … sorry!

Hi Richard, thanks for your reply.
Please advice here when the issue will be fixed and the new download will be available.

Of course Francesco - will do …
Mille Grazzie,

Hi Francesco,
fixed, files are uploaded - revision 2 is out now. Please try the update again, it should be fixed now.

Sorry again and thanks for your patience,

Hi Richard, everything is working fine now.
Thanks for the excellent support.


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