Aerosoft X extended a320 / 321

Hi, I’m updating my aerosoft X extended aircraft. Unfortunately i bought it second hand and cant update the version. Navigraph says 1.15 and above, but my version is older.
When I run the sim after updating it says “Navigation database file not opened”?

Not sure how i can update my navigation database? Please can someone help me.

Hi Doug,


I imagine the data format for the Aerosoft X extended a320 / 321 changed with V 1.15 so loading new data into old version would likely cause the error.

As I understand this addon has been discontinued/superseded. So maybe you need to consider updating to a new aircraft.


Thanks for the reply. Yes I probably will update, it was a momentary purchase off ebay. Didn’t realise it was an old aircraft.
Thanks again

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