Add a ruler on Charts

Please add the ability to click from point A to point B and have the distance/bearing displayed.


A ruler that lets users place two waypoints to measure the distance between and the heading.
In addition maybe measuring the distance from the user’s current location to a waypoint


I have moved your Wishlist post to this post to consolidate the same suggestion. Don’t forget to add your vote.


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Thank you Ian, apologies for the double wish. I hope this feature can get implemented.

Just want to bring this up as I also would like to have such tools, like in Little NavMap.
Helps a lot and makes fun to determinate my position

left click on map, menu opens with options, start a line from a point to measure things with distance heading etc

I also would love to get this feature. Especially for VFR I want to determine distances or plan headings for flying from/to VORs.

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