A big problem with my flight on simbrief

I have been flying successfully about 10 routes but today i try London to Amsterdam and i get this:

What is that menacing NO44OF290 doing there instead of my SID?

When i load the plan into X Plane 12 A330 i get this error:
unable 5000 at [d-10]

What is going on?

I just tried a second route for a change - KATL to KMIA and i get the same error

Hello, first of all welcome,
I am not 100% sure what this number means but it doesn’t affect your flight you can see your SID behind this number.

I only use P3D and MSFS so I can’t say anything to the error.

I hope I have helped you a little bit anyway.

Kind Regards,


Hi, N0440F290 is your initial cruise speed and altitude in ICAO standard notation. It is not included in the X-Plane .fms file and won’t cause this error.

I am not familiar with what the unable 5000 at [d-10] error means. I suspect you might have more luck asking about this in the X-Plane forums or in the support forum for the add-on you are using, as applicable.

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